Peter F. Michael

Ph.D. Student. Computer Graphics & Vision


Hello! I’m an incoming Ph.D. Student at Cornell CS.

Previously, I was a Master’s student at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I worked in GRAIL. I also completed my undergraduate degree (2018-2021) in computer engineering at the Allen School.

I recently also completed a research internship at Runway (they’re hiring!), where I led efforts to create improved, interactive virtual green-screening algorithms using machine learning.

My general interests lie at the intersection of computer graphics, vision, and machine learning, where I aim to create powerful tools and put them into the hands of content creators around the globe.


Jun 10, 2022 Completed my M.S. degree and won the Outstanding Senior Award!
Sep 6, 2021 Started my research internship at Runway!
Jun 11, 2021 Graduated with a B.S. in Computer Engineering! :confetti_ball:


  1. UW CSE
    Master’s Thesis (Coming Soon!)
    Michael, Peter F., Esser, Patrick, and Sengupta, Soumyadip
    Jun 2022
  2. AI4CC
    Towards Unified Keyframe Propagation Models
    Esser, Patrick, Michael, Peter F., and Sengupta, Soumyadip
    In Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop on AI for Content Creation (CVPRW) Jun 2022
  3. SPIE
    Survey of image denoising methods for medical image classification
    Michael, Peter F., and Yoon, Hong-Jun
    In Medical Imaging 2020: Computer-Aided Diagnosis Mar 2020